Chris Pratt king of the selfie

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US actor Chris Pratt has revealed his top tips on how to take the perfect selfie.


The Parks and Recreations star is known for his good looks as well as his acting ability so it’s no surprise he knows his best angles.

And Pratt was happy to share his dos and don’ts during a chat with MTV News.

“It’s important to gaze at your own image in the phone rather than make eye contact with yourself,” said Pratt, while pointing to a picture he had taken of himself with no shirt on.

“Otherwise, you’ll look too self-aware.”

Having starred in films including Zero Dark Thirty, Moneyball and Bride Wars, Pratt knows how important it is to act natural.

And this same rule applies to taking selfies.

“(It needs to look like) you just tripped, fell, and landed on some abs,” he laughed.

While the 34-year-old believes in a natural shot, he accepts that it can take a while to achieve the right look.

He even admitted that it took quite a lot of goes before he achieved the perfect shirtless selfie.

Thankfully Pratt doesn’t have to worry about looking good in his latest film, The Lego Movie.

Pratt plays the films hero Emmet, an ordinary construction worker mini-figure who is mistaken for a master builder who can save the entire Lego universe.

“The reason Emmet is so likeable, I think – early on in the film, he realises he’s invisible. That no one knows who he is, he’s not memorable to anybody, he’s just kind of a nothing,” Pratt explained in an interview provided by Warner Bros.

“That’s a little heartbreaking and so for me, that’s why I kind of fall with this character.”

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