Dumped Titan now in GC’s sights

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A player the Gold Coast sacked seven years ago now looms as a potential saviour after Daly Cherry-Evans’ stunning NRL backflip.


Dumped in 2008 for poor discipline, Chris Sandow is set to top Titans coach Neil Henry’s shopping list following Cherry-Evans’ decision to renege on a four-year deal and remain at Manly on a “lifetime” contract.

Henry admitted there was no contingency plan in place for Cherry-Evans.

The Titans have also ruled out launching a counter offer to Canberra-bound playmaker Aidan Sezer, saying it would be “double standards”.

And they won’t get in the way of Gold Coast captain Nate Myles who links with Manly next year.

Henry has quickly drawn up a halves hit list, with off contract Sandow expected to come out on top despite being sacked in 2008 for missing too many training sessions.

The erratic Eels playmaker still provides some spark and could complement organised young half Kane Elgey, already dubbed a future captain by Henry.

Bulldogs’ NSW No.7 Trent Hodkinson and Sydney Roosters pivot James Maloney are other potential targets.

“There are a number of halfbacks that haven’t signed contracts and high-profile ones so we’ll just have to see,” Henry said.

“It certainly does free up a bit of money in the cap and we will have to look at that for the future of the club.

“No firm offers because it was really pointless to put an expression of interest in a player given that we don’t know if it (backflip) was going to happen.

“It (Cherry-Evans reneging) was purely hypothetical.

“We just have to have a look in the market now.”

Asked how the backflip had changed his 2016 plans, Henry said: “The impact has been significant.

“Because with such a marquee player it really did limit us with our recruitment and our recruitment strategy and factoring that into the salary cap.

“It was a considerable amount of work that had to happen for Daly to come on board to start off with.”

Cherry-Evans sparked a social media meltdown after polarising fans with his decision.

Henry appeared to take a thin-veiled swipe at Cherry-Evans when asked what the backflip said about the club.

“I don’t know if it says anything about that,” he said.

“I think it says something about when you sign a deal and shake a hand you think a deal is done and it is not.”

Titans boss Graham Annesley said he was not about to judge the star despite learning about his decision via the media.

“I am not sure if this says anything about Daly or his character,” he said.

“I am not going to cast aspersions on his character.”

Titans ambassador Gorden Tallis didn’t hold back, accusing Cherry-Evans of “playing” the Titans.

“For them (Titans) to be where they are now, that’s the biggest injustice out of all this,” Tallis told the Fox Sports website.

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