Iraq: 100 killed in two days

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A security drive and efforts to ease divisions by the two-month-old national unity government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki have failed to stem the violence.


The UN has endorsed Iraqi statistics showing a rising death toll this year among civilians as a low-level civil war intensifies between the Shi’ite majority and once-dominant Sunnis.

The figures from the Iraqi Health Ministry and the morgue in Baghdad, where much violence is concentrated, showed about 100 violent deaths a day in May and June among civilians.

In the latest violence, not recorded in the report, five people were killed and 22 wounded in a triple bomb attack near central Baghdad’s Technology University.

In Baghdad a car bomb blast was followed by two bomb explosions a few minutes later, apparently targeting a crowd that gathered at the scene. Three policemen were among the wounded.

In the northern oil capital of Kirkuk, a bomb outside a cafe killed four people and wounded 16.

In the west of the capital, a high-ranking Interior Ministry officer, Major General Fakhir Abdul Mohsen, was shot dead by gunmen as he left for work in the ministry’s legal department.

Casualty figures are highly approximate but a variety of data shows an upward trend.

The official statistics also underline that many if not most such killings do not take place in the sort of major attacks that generate reports in the media.

Meanwhile more than 20 staff from an organisation that looks after Sunni mosques in Iraq were kidnapped by suspected Shiite militiamen.

The administrators of the Sunni Arab religious endowment were seized as they travelled home from work in the capital Tuesday evening.

The kidnappings appeared to be a tit-for-tat operation after a spate of mass abductions and executions of members of the newly-empowered Shiite majority in recent days.

The seizure of the Sunni administrators followed the killing of at least 54 people, mostly Shiite labourers, when a car bomb blew up in the centre of the Shiite shrine city of Kufa on Tuesday.

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki noted that the fact that most of the recent attacks were outside Baghdad and other strife-prone areas was significant.

“These crimes do not indicate the power of Al-Qaeda but its weakness, as this network headed to these calm areas,” he said.

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