Israeli jets blast Lebanon

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In the latest attacks, Israeli missiles slammed into Beirut’s port area, setting a truck depot ablaze.


Other missiles hit a fuel storage tank in the city’s northern suburbs as well as buildings in the south, regarded as a Hizbollah stronghold.

Overnight raids destroyed two army posts on the northern Lebanese coast, killing nine Lebanese soldiers, and damaged the homes of Hizbollah officials in eastern Lebanon, killing five others.

Three more people died in strikes south of Beirut.

Annan calls for ceasefire

Speaking at the G8 summit in Russia, United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan called for a “cessation of hostilities” to enable an international intervention force to be put together.

He also appealed to Israel to abide by international law and spare civilian lives and property.

World leaders at the meeting said Israel had a right to self-defence and called on Hizbollah to free two captured Israeli soldiers and to end its cross-border attacks.

But Hizbollah is ignoring the call, instead wanting to trade the soldiers for Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners held captive in Israel.

The raids come a day after a Hezbollah rocket attack killed eight people in Haifa, Israel’s third biggest city.

Hizbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said the attack was retaliation for its killing of civilians and promised more “surprises”.

Canadians death toll revised

The Canadian Government confirmed seven of its nationals were killed and three were wounded in an Israeli attack on Sunday.

The Israeli army said it had warned people to leave the area near the village of Aitaroun in southern Lebanon, and that Hizbollah was responsible for any civilian deaths.

According to Lebanese police, five of the dead were from the same family.

Civilian deaths

Both AFP and Reuters news agencies estimate more than 150 people have died since clashes with Israel began on Wednesday. Reuters has reported that all but 13 of them were civilians.

AFP’s tally has been compiled on the basis of reports from officials and hospital staff, which have also established that more than 355 people have been wounded since the start of the offensive.

Nineteen civilians died in an Israeli attack on a building housing a military office and transmitter in the southern port town of Tyre at the weekend. They had been seeking shelter after fleeing Israeli raids on their home villages.

Israel has pressed on with its attacks despite having said it regretted causing civilian casualties, blaming Hezbollah operations in populated areas for the deaths and injuries.

Twenty-four Israelis have been killed in the violence, according to AFP. 12 civilians and 12 soldiers have died in Hezbollah rocket attacks.

Who is to blame?

Russian and US officials are at loggerheads over whether Damascus and Tehran lay behind the Hezbollah attacks.

The US insists that Syria and Iran have some responsibility for the attacks by the Lebanese militia, but Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says that there is no evidence to back up the allegation.

“Well, I have heard this speculation. I’ve also heard speculation that Syria and Iran are involved in staging terrorist attacks. We take this very seriously, but we want to see facts,” Mr Lavrov told CNN.

“We would be last to ignore the facts of this type of involvement,” Mr Lavrov said. “But so far we haven’t seen any proof.”

However, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice insisted that Syria and Iran were directly involved.

“I absolutely see that Syria and Iran are playing a part in this. They’re not even trying to hide their hand,” she told CBS television.

“Syria has held press conferences with radical elements of Hamas,” she said, mentioning the radical group controlling the Palestinian government.

“They’ve held press conferences for Hezbollah. The radical elements of Hamas sit in Syria and find harbor there. And Iran is the major financier of these efforts.”

Observers fear Israel may next target Syria and Iran and Israeli Vice Premier Shimon Peres has claimed that that Hezbollah fired missiles on northern Israel from Syria.

Syria has warned that any Israeli attack “will provoke an unlimited, direct and firm response using all means necessary.”

Iran said it would stand by Syria and warned of “unimaginable losses” if Israel attacked.

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