Polls split ahead of election

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Labor and the Coalition are locked together with 50 per cent each of the two party preferred vote a day before the federal election, the latest Newspoll shows.


But a Galaxy poll, published in the Herald Sun newspaper, predicts a narrow Labor win with a 52-48 two party preferred result.

The Newspoll result, published in The Australian newspaper on Friday, means Labor has given up the two-point lead it had in the last Newspoll, published on Monday.

It means Labor’s support has dropped to the same level as the period just before Kevin Rudd was deposed as leader in June, the newspaper said.

On primary votes, Labor is down three points from earlier this week to 35 per cent. The coalition has gained three points, and is now on 38 per cent.

Support for The Greens is steady on 14 per cent – twice the result it got in the 2007 election.

The figures are preliminary results of the poll of 2500 voters nationally, taken on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The full Newspoll will be published in The Australian on Saturday.

The Galaxy poll, which interviewed 1200 voters on Tuesday, put Labor ahead 52 per cent to 48 per cent, two party preferred.

On primary votes, Labor is steady on 38 per cent since the last Galaxy poll two weeks ago, with the coalition up one point to 42 per cent and The Greens steady at 14 per cent.

The poll suggested most voters had no strong conviction for either of the major parties.

Only 16 per cent of those polled said that if Labor won, it was because the party deserved to be re-elected, while 56 per cent said it would be re-elected because it was a better alternative than the coalition.

When asked why the coalition would win if it won, 28 per cent of those polled said it would be because it deserved to win, while 48 per cent said a coalition win would happen because it was a better alternative to Labor.

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